12 Proposals for Beijing

Proposal, Beijing, China
with Clémence Pybaro

The idea of surveying our cities or any kind of urban environment, as shown in different works presented here, is relevant when it is connected to the ambition of making things better. As an architectural survey focuses on graphically describing a spatial situation, it generates knowledge and of how we live in our cities and so, can be utilized for creating new proposals.

Beijing, as described in our research “Anatomy of a Chinese City”, is filled with culturally specific urban phenomenons that deserve to be studied and researched in order to create or update the typologies of programs used to define new spaces. This series of drawing, conceptual proposals located in a generic environments, represent a set of twelve ideas directly related to existing situations that can be observed in Beijing : improvised restaurant an the street, interior extension on the façade, religious shrines in the middle of the city and others that are here, reinterpreted through architectural proposals.

Santiago, Chile