365 Jours

Book, Santiago, Chile
with Clémence Pybaro

In Wayne Wang and Paul Auster’s “Smoke”, a masterpiece of cinema released in 1995, Auggie, a tobacco store manager played by Harvey Keitel, is shown taking the same picture of his street and shop from the same angle, from the same corner, everyday at the exact same time - a work of art within another, a collection of photographs within a another - a movie. During a particularly emotional sequence, Auggie decides to show his work to his friend Paul Benjamin, a writer played by William Hurt, who discovers the blurry picture of his deceased wife, passing by chance in front of Auggie’s camera.

As a homage to this story in which art and love are bind together, “365 Jours” is a book made for Clémence, the woman and architect I share my life with, which contains 365 pictures taken with an old smartphone during a single. In a different way from Wang and Auster’s movie, these pictures depict different places and context that I see and experience everyday with a constant invisible rule that consist in being lonely, in the absence of the other. This collection offers the reader a portrait of my own daily life, a glimpse of what I perceive through my eyes.

Santiago, Chile