7 Ascensores en Valparaíso

Teaching, Pontificia Universidad Católica, Chile
with Francisco Chateau, Martin Labbé

The studio “7 Ascensores en Valparaíso” proposed to a group of students to work in a context that imposes a challenge in terms of representation and design, the city of Valparaíso and its 42 urbanized hills, a natural amphitheater made by the topography.

Because of its spatial configuration, an infrastructure of transport composed by 16 urban elevators, all declared National monuments, is spread between the hills, connecting the lower and upper public spaces. The first stage of the studio consisted in realizing a precise architectural survey of seven funiculars, challenging the student’s learning process of drawing and understanding geometry by tracing detailled plans or building a model of a part of the city. Through such precise survey of each place, a more site-specific approach can be developed to a second stage, in which each student can propose a new public space associated to an elevator and a block of collective housing. Students: A. Gahona, A. Pola, B. Wellmann, B. Uribe, C. Gutierrez, C. Montalbetti, D. Rojas, D. Fredes, J. Guzman, J. de la Barra, J. Sellas, M. Ogalde, M. Silva, M. Purcell, M. Bobadilla, N. Alvarado, N. Olmos, P. Urrutia, P. Leyton, R. Tocornal, R. Szyfer, T. Kluge, V. Rojas.

Santiago, Chile