A Chinese Boulevard

Research, Wuhan, China
with Clémence Pybaro, Li Baihao

Wuhan, the Chinese capital of Hubei province used to be divided into three cities, separated by the Yangtse and Han rivers: Wuchang, Hanyang and Hankou - the contraction of these would become later, the name of the city. Each one of these was contained by the river and by a wall that controlled its development. The present series of drawings and pictures aim to document the current condition of this wall, which now has vanished and became a boulevard called Zhongshan Dadao.

As many cities located close to important ports, a part of Wuhan became a foreign concession, transforming radically the ancient Chinese urban fabric, accelerating its development and the demolition of its impressive walls. Nowadays, as China grows, Wuhan does too and no trace is left of the historic wall: a gigantic urban boulevard, with shopping malls and restaurants as taken its space. This survey, made of nine kilometers of the combined elevations of Zhongshan Dadao, proposes to represent the new wall made of modern facades, one that symbolizes the new and current Chinese History.

Santiago, Chile