Anatomy of a Chinese City

Research, Beijing, China
with Clémence Pybaro

“Anatomy of a Chinese City” is a collection of drawings that intends to depict the current state of one of the biggest cities on the world, the Chinese capital of Beijing. As recent Chinese History has been filled with many important revolutions, changes and developments, the Chinese city also has faced the same radical process and created a new culture, an urban culture where certain traditions persists and new ones appear.

In a similar format to Napoleon’s “Carnet d’Egypte”, representing a civilization by the sum of some of its representative parts, “Anatomy of a Chinese City” apply the same methodology to Beijing by selecting architectural and urban elements that can be observed in its territory, from small to large scale. They also express the powers involved in the urbanization process, from the people who adapt to a complex situation to large infrastructures built by the state. It is also a proposal to observe cities through a different point of view, rejecting the current planning tools - to look closely at the human scale and his surrounding objects that, together, define an entire urban culture.

Santiago, Chile