Exhibition, Santiago, Chile
with Proyecto Cilindro

Andreï is the title of an art installation built inside the industrial site of the Factoria Italia in Santiago, Chile, thanks to the invitation of Proyecto Cilindro. Waiting for its future transformation into a new cultural center in the center of Santiago, the former hat factory represent an ideal space for exploring the aesthetic of the industrial architecture and insert in it, a temporary narration.

Andreï is also the name of one of the most important movie director of the 20th century, Andreï Tarkovski. This direct reference is at the center of the proposed installation: to recreate a diorama, a real scale reproduction of the spatial atmosphere of one of his works, “Stalker”, released in 1979. In this movie, 3 men, a writer, a physician and a stalker - a guide - are trespassing into the Zone, a fantastic place inside an unknown and unnamed territory. This Zone is inhabited by abandoned structures and an invisible threat that creates an atmosphere that rises to a climax when the group enters in a tunnel, leading to a room filled with sand. Andreï is an installation composed by construction elements that tends to reproduce such atmosphere in an old horizontal chimney of the industrial complex: wood panels and beams, 2 facing mirror, 1 light bulb, kilos of sand and 1 chair.

Santiago, Chile