Cementerio General

Teaching, Pontificia Universidad Católica, Chile
with Cementerio General de Santiago

As part of a larger urban study initiated by the Pontificia Universidad Católica and chilean office Plan Común, in partnership with Santiago’s General Cemetery, that aims to survey and to propose transformations inside the largest and oldest public cemetery in the city, this studio proposed a graphic survey of different parts of this important urban infrastructure.

Built right after Chile’s declaration of independence, the General Cemetery is a major testimony of Chilean history - housing the graves of important figures - and has evolved according to city’s development. Its organization and components express today the same struggles and problems that can be found at a larger scale: inequality, decay, segregation and others. The city of the dead is also divided, between rich and poor owners, between artifacts of heritage and common architecture and other phenomenon that make it a miniature of the city’s urban fabric, creating an interesting spatial diversity which is the focus of theses drawings, using architectural representation to depict such context. Students: S. Carreño, C. Castillo, T. Lagos, J. Navarrete, A. Sepulveda, D. Suazo, L. Valdes, B. Zeller.

Santiago, Chile