Eglise des Trinitaires

Exhibition, Metz, France
with La Maison de l’Architecture de Lorraine

Based on the book published in 2015 by Lemieux Editeurs, “L’Habitant Temporaire” - a collection of narrative descriptions of 20 interior spaces situated in difference places around the world - this exhibition organized by the Maison de l’Architecture de Lorraine intend to present the book’s content by intervening the main space of the Trinitaire church in the center of Metz, France.

A large volume made of wood sections and panels create a series of new interior spaces within the abandoned church’s nave, a monumental space showing traces and marks of History, transforming it temporarily into an outdoor space filled with 3 open rooms, with similar dimensions but different configurations. Each room exposes a different type of content from the book, sketches, digital drawings, photography and video, showing the visitor different points of view regarding the same spaces. The residual spaces created by the presence of the installation become an in-between, a place to sit, discuss and read sitting on the different furniture elements created by recycling the leftovers from the cuts and openings made to create each room.

Santiago, Chile