Fictions pour Clémence

Illustration, Santiago, Chile
with Clémence Pybaro

These series of drawings, illustrations of spaces and places that don’t exist except on the paper, were made for Clémence, the woman and architect I share my life with. The opportunity of sharing experiences, projects, ideas and a general point of view given by our profession, is one that expands the possibility of actions, of creation and dialogue between us.

By using architectural representation, plans and perspectives, a common semantic language is created and then, the imagination can freely express the unknown shown on these drawings, as a little secret between us. The doubt of the existence of these spaces is brought by the accuracy of the representation as by the presence, in each drawing, of recognizable representation of us. These graphic fictions invent stories, places and false memories that will take place in the collection of real ones, starting from a imaginative territory and landscape inhabited by architecture to the spaces of an ideal house, an oversized home that will stay in the space of imagination.

Santiago, Chile