Hutong Anatomy

Exhibition, Beijing, China
with Beijing Design Week, Abitare

This exhibition organized by the Beijing Design Week and the architecture magazine Abitare, insert a temporary installation inside an old factory in Dashilar, in the center of Beijing, and showcase a selection of drawings and proposals from “Anatomy of a Chinese City”, a collaboration with Clémence Pybaro.

Focusing on the life style of the capital’s “Hutongs” - narrow streets surrounded by hermetic courtyard houses in which people extend their domesticity, the exhibition aims to show different aspects of such environment through different medias: text, video, digital drawing, photography and an urban temporary installation. Various full-scale printed drawings are randomly places around the exhibition site, within the meandrous public spaces of the Hutongs, creating interesting interactions with the public. Placed next to their real equivalent, these drawings insinuate that the architectural discipline should pay attention to these elements as equal component of the city’s environment.

Santiago, Chile