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1987, Born : Nancy, France 2008, License Architectural degree : ETSAV, Spain
2010, Master Architectural degree : ENSAN, France
2011, Research fellowship : Wuhan UT, China
2016 -, Profesor : Arquitectura UC, Chile
2018-, Profesor : Arquitectura UDP, Chile

Profesional colaborations
Spatial Practice (CN), Open Architecture (CN), Umwelt (CL), Emilio Marín (CL), Plan Común (CL).

Since 2017, established an architectural practice in association with architect Diego Grass in Santiago, Chile.

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Complementary works

“Le problème n’est pas d’inventer l’espace, encore moins de le ré-inventer (trop de gens bien intentionnés sont là aujourd’hui pour penser notre environnement…), mais de l’interroger, ou, plus simplement encore, de le lire ; car ce que nous appelons quotidienneté n’est pas évidence, mais opacité : une forme de cécité, une manière d’anesthésie.”

Georges Perec, Espèces d’Espaces

The selection of 20 works and collaborations presented here is defined by the common characteristics they share: all are spontaneous, self-commissioned adventures, individual or collaborative, that uses an architectural point of view to narrate stories, depict places or represent ideas.

Parallel to the architectural daily practice and its focus on private or public constructions, these exercises are complementary to it, as by using writing, drawing, sketching, filming, printing and other tools of representation with which an architect usually is familiar to, they become moments of personal training. A training that seems necessary once we are facing the task of building spaces, of making architecture and creating new situations. They formed a way to continue an education process, one that sometimes doesn’t fit into a professional schedule, creating moments that allow to pay attention to spaces. They can be lonely short exercises or shared long adventures, alone, with friends, groups of collaborators or with students.

These works have been shown or published in: Abitare, Beijing Design Week, Bi-City Shenzhen Urbanism and Architecture Biennale, Archdaily, Editions François Bourin, Lemieux Editeurs, Future Architecture Platform, Philosophie Magazine, ARQ Ediciones, France Culture, Socks Studio, Revista PLOT and Venice Biennale of Architecture.

Santiago, Chile