Le Lieu Minuscule

Exhibition, Reims, France
with Le Lieu Minuscule

Organized for the launch of the book “L’Habitant Temporaire”, edited by Lemieux Editeurs, this exhibition resulted from an invitation by the team of Le Lieu Minuscule, a gallery that offers an interesting space open towards the street, in Reims, France.

As the subject of the exhibition which focuses on a matter that concern all the public - interior domestic spaces - the main intervention uses the façade as a support to communicate with the exterior surroundings of the gallery. Using various large stickers, the main windows are filled with texts, a chapter of the book to be read by any passing by pedestrian, if he or she wants to. The interior space is occupied by the entire series of drawings of “L’Habitant Temporaire”, pinned to the wall, and few furniture elements that recreates a domestic situation, a place to read and to exchange with the author, virtually present via videoconference.

Santiago, Chile