Lugares Comunes

Teaching, Pontificia Universidad Católica, Chile
with Felipe de Ferrari, Diego Grass

The studio “Lugares Comunes” is a collective project with students and teachers of the architecture school at the Pontificia Universidad Católica that focuses on ordinary new equipment in two segregated part of Santiago, Independencia and Recoleta, both connected with one of the most important infrastructure of the city, the General Cemetery.

Through a series of isolated project inserted into a ring of interventions that surrounds the funeral complex, completed later by smaller intervention with the Cemetery during a workshop led by Japanese architect Yoshiharu Tsukamoto, “Lugares Comunes” demonstrates the possibility of reactivation of a part of the city and of reaction against the sprawling of the private housing market. The results of the research where published as a book edited by ARQ Ediciones with additional material and contributions. Students: A. Bluthgen, M. Diaz, A. Tapia, I. Torres, F. Allende, J. García, M. Valdés, Dana Bauer, F. Calbacho, T. Carbonell, F. Parra, D. Rivera, B. Wilson, A. Arvelo, G. Irizarry, J. Moreno, T. Torres, C. Barrientos, M. Faundez, Camila Pinto, F. Lira, A. Pola, N. Yunis.

Santiago, Chile