Valparaíso Público

Research, Valparaíso, Chile
with Marie Combette, Clémence Pybaro

Valparaíso Público is a collaborative research, a graphic inventory of 50 exterior spaces situated in 10 of the 42 urbanized hills of the Chilean city. This collection of 150 drawings, pictures and videos is the result of numerous on-site surveys, representing one of the most relevant aspects of the port-city: its public spaces. These places, where the topography and the city meet, define Valparaíso’s cultural identity, renown across the world. Such complex public spaces reflect the unique topography of the city, as well as the various individual interventions of constructions, renovations and maintenance that can be found in Valparaiso’s hills. They are the most visible impact of the citizens’ actions in the definition of the city.

Valparaíso Público is a descriptive and objective manual of current urban situations. It offers a new architectural database, in order to provide a support for reflection and work to the actors of the city, a tool that will facilitate the development of future urban projects. It is a call to reconsider the architect's position regarding the context, in its general definition, to question it and to stop trusting a generic vision of the city. This research has been selected to be exhibited at the Japan Pavilion for the 16th Venice Architecture Biennale. For the complete version, click here.

Santiago, Chile